Six Cities I’ll love to Visit

I love to travel, as I'm sure most people do. There is simply no feeling like packing that travel luggage and hopping on a plane for maybe 2-24 hours then landing on a brand new city’s airport, a city that you probably have been reading about all this time. Imbibing fresh cultures plus the indigent … Continue reading Six Cities I’ll love to Visit


Religious Bashing

I’m trying to understand this recent spate of Christian bashings disguised as intellectual discourse/write-ups on my Facebook timeline and other social media platforms from agnostics/atheists about the validity of being a Christian (must be something in the water or it’s a full moon out there). Christians have become easy and unfair target these days. People … Continue reading Religious Bashing

Depression: Stigma in Black People?

‘I honestly believe we’re so accustomed to delivering the strong Black woman speech to ourselves and everyone else that we lose our ability to connect to our humanness, and thus our frailty. We become afraid to admit that we are hurting and struggling because we fear that we will be seen as weak. And we … Continue reading Depression: Stigma in Black People?

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, April 20,(4/20)I'm a year older and maybe, just maybe, a little wiser. At this age I'm only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. So don't nobody tell me nothing.I've conquered my demons and i wear my scars like wings. I know life is fluid, sometimes with cresting white-capped waves, other times with an … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me