Dear Woman

If a man describes y'all relationship as "friends" then just be his damn (excuse my French) friend. Friendship doesn't have to mean sexual intimacy. Friendship isn't putting yourself on hold or reserve while you are trying to figure out what's next for you guys or the way forward. JUST. BE. HIS. FRIEND Talk on the … Continue reading Dear Woman

🗣 Competiting Only With Self

Let me share something with ya'll. You can't make a girl👧 jealous if her only competition is herself. It takes a lot out of you when you continuously compete with others. It puts a huge stress on you trying tirelessly to get on top of every damn body limiting your strength and shortening your vision. … Continue reading 🗣 Competiting Only With Self

Book of the Month (March)

Title: The Hate You Give Author: Angie Thomas Publisher: Pages:400 Rate: 5*/ This book no matter how one sees it is quite timely and eye opening. A thoughtful, heartbreaking and honest account of racial tensions//issues in America today. "Black Lives Matter" "A hairbrush is not a gun". Starr, the heroine in the book is 16 … Continue reading Book of the Month (March)

If I Have to Say It by Frida Kahlo

Today, I'm sharing with you a quote by Frida Kahlo, famous Mexican painter who was born in 1907. This woman was obviously a force of nature, vibrant and larger than life, but also vulnerable and very human. She represents the pain every woman on earth is going through—physical and emotional. Know that not a lot … Continue reading If I Have to Say It by Frida Kahlo

My Three W’s of Thankfulness

Its thanksgiving weekend and I won’t let it pass without sending a heartfelt wish to everyone celebrating out there especially my readers. Thanksgiving Day is officially celebrated in the United States of America and Canada. It’s a day where family all over the country gather to celebrate the goodness of God for those who believe … Continue reading My Three W’s of Thankfulness

Why Judge People?

Why is it such an issue when people choose to express themselves differently than the status quo especially when it does not hurt anybody else? It really amazes me how women, especially, always have to take potshots at other women who do things differently than they do. Like women calling other females simple, basic and … Continue reading Why Judge People?