My First Blog Post

Hey guys! I just started my blog! Yay Me!

Writing my first blog post takes a lot of courage but it is not impossible. It takes determination, hard work and a lot of patience which I know I got plenty. See, I just did!

So I recently had a series of traumatic and life changing events and was forced to take a closer look at my life choices. That is how i decided to start this here blog even though there is like a million other blogs in the blogosphere. Note that doing this has always been one of my wish, in actual fact it is one of the things on my bucket list, side by side with seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up on a Paris night.


See, my love for writing was honed back in the day by my English teacher who taught us to keep journals and later read it out to the class. Thankfully, I had a weird housemate who was absolutely hilarious and provided fodder for my journals. This is hoping that you will also find this entertaining and hilarious as my she did.

I have enough random things to talk about on the regular so I am sure this website will entertain someone or at least it will entertain me. Don’t forget also inspire you on this journey called life.

Wish me luck!