Welcome to my blog!

My name is Victoria from Nigeria.  I’m an introvert, love my personal space, peace, and quiet (some days, I think I hate people). Worked a 9-5 before I decided to chuck it all in and start completely afresh. In this journey called life, I’ve seen some unimaginable things, hit rock bottom several times but like Denzel Washington says …fall seven times, get up eight…
I love volunteering and on a typical weekend, you’ll find me somewhere trying to do just that by passing out needful things. Not that I’m some know-it-all who’s been everywhere and done everything just trying for us together to figure this life out

So this blog is to share my thoughts on love and relationship, women’s issue, what inspires and motivates me, and everything random thrown in. I will share ideas that have worked for me which hopefully will work for you too thereby developing lasting friendships with many readers as much as possible.

So let’s impact each other from your comments and shares one post at a time.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Grace Esedeke says:

    Great to meet you Victoria (apparently, my immediate younger sister goes by ‘Victoria’ too.) Hope to get to know you more through your writings.
    Do you live in Nigeria?
    Best Regards!

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