🗣 Competiting Only With Self

Let me share something with ya’ll.

You can’t make a girl👧 jealous if her only competition is herself. It takes a lot out of you when you continuously compete with others. It puts a huge stress on you trying tirelessly to get on top of every damn body limiting your strength and shortening your vision. They become your main target instead of you being your own competition and moving to be the greatest champion.

To be a champion, compete, to be a great champion, compete with the best but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself – Matshona Dhiliwayo

A real woman’s goal should not be to aspire to be someone else..she aspires to be a better version of herself. She knows what she wants and lives the life she loves with a clear life purpose, setting exciting goals for herself. Never settling!

She loves and supports her partner without micromanaging him and is not afraid to share her vulnerabilities. She doesn’t have time to gossip or involve herself in love triangles. No drama as her eyes is firmly on the price. She plays with the guys drinks her wine knowing it isn’t a crime to be a bad b*tch. Most of all she sets clear boundaries with everyone-be it partner, friends or peers.

She stays in her own lane. Living life on her own terms no matter what. She is excited to explore her own destiny because she knows it’s uniquely hers. The moment she tries to be like anybody else is the moment she loses focus on her dreams.

She stays in her own lane because what other people have going on is none of her business. She knows that everything happens in the timing meant for her specific story.

Good, bad or indifferent…your journey is yours. And no matter the outcome, there is strength💪 in knowing the book📖 you’ve written was just for you. So step your game up and stop playing. Be that boss babe all the way around.

So carry on doing you and never mind the naysayers.

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