Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day! A day set aside to celebrate the women in our lives who have been of great impact, physically and emotionally.
Mother’s Day holds a different meaning for anyone whose mom has passed away. But just cause a mother has passed, there’s no reason why her family shouldn’t continue to celebrate Mother’s Day and pay tribute to her memory.

My mom passed 24 years ago, the pain I felt then is still fresh now, never going away but I just learn to live with it. I never imagined loosing her so fast. What hurts the most is that I didn’t have the time to appreciate the wonderful and exceptional woman that she was and I never told her how much she was loved. Having learnt that with time and experience, this are the most valuable things in life.

Now I’m a woman and each time I remember her, I just admire her much more for the extraordinary woman and human being that she was. Hi

God bless you, mom xxx You now have four grandchildren plus sons/daughter-in-law.

So I’m using this ten quotes to offer comfort to those left behind and pay tribute to one of the most important individual in anyone’s life-mother. Even though they’ve gained additional wings, but their memories still lingers on.

And to those mother’s still holding down the forte, my prayer for you is more Grace to be able to do more.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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