Ten Facts about being a female in a male dominated society

Being born a woman, single and raised in a third world, male dominated society is the total pits. You get all forms of advice good and bad especially the bad. Let’s see some facts.

Do not buy a car or anything luxurious as it will serve as a deterrent from men asking you for marriage.

Pregnant out of wedlock? Fresh out of luck because you quitting school even after childbirth.

Your guy cheating? Fight the girl he’s cheating with. Your lady unfaithful? Fight her, of course😒

An older woman dating a younger guy, you are a cougar, milf, etc but the older a man the more available the ladies are.

A man divorces or loses his wife, the next two, three months later he marries while the woman remains single six years later or forever.

A man is unfaithful and the wife is adviced to forgive while an unfaithful woman is divorced and sent packing in humiliation.

Every material thing gained as a woman is gotten on her back and opening her legs for it.

Slut shamed, body shamed, single shamed just because you not conforming to society.

Name calling like bitch, whore etc just because you refuse the advances of every Tom, Dick and Harry.
A victim of domestic violence and you call the police? Save yourself the humiliation because you are asked to get your father, brother or any male authority figure in your family to report the matter. And did you know that a woman cannot post bail for someone, there must be a proxy, a man to do that.

But we are here hoping for a better tomorrow where these will be a thing of the past meanwhile we are holding on.

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