Ten Kinds of People to Stay Away From

In our everyday life we come across all sorts of people, some good, some bad and some downright toxic. Some we interact on superficial levels while for some we go into intimate relationships with like family, coworkers, neighbors and friends. These interactions in as much as it gives us a diverse experience of life has its downsides too. Many people can be caring, loving and helpful while others can be mean, vicious or petty.


But the advice I received some time ago from a dear friend rings true today – generally, do not avoid people. Be open, be welcoming and give your time if you can to those that want it. Everyone has good, learn from the good they have, overlook faults though be careful not to emulate their faults. Focusing on priorities and ridding the weeds in our lives can be beneficial to our forward momentum and leave behind people who act as stressors in our life. But there are some kinds of people you must absolutely stay away from.

1. Those who repeatedly and intentionally do or say things that they know would hurt you. Why be friends or relate to them when they constantly don’t care about your feelings in any matter.

2. Those who can’t or won’t apologize sincerely. The normal thing to do when a friend’s feeling is hurt is to apologize but these kinds of people will never see anything wrong in their actions so to them it’s pointless saying sorry.

3. The kind of people who expect from you what they haven’t or cannot give in return. A popular saying goes thus “You get what you give”. People want to receive love without giving love back but that’s not how it works. You give then expect to receive not the other way round.

4. People who never see anything good but faults and complains in you. Some gloat when they find faults in others. They don’t hesitate to point it out, rubbing more salt in the wound. This negative behavior gets worse when they are actually right about something going wrong. Then their favorite phrase of the day becomes ‘I told you so’. True appreciation and happiness in others success does not necessarily interest them; they just lurk on the sidelines with polite remarks instead of being happy. You might be brave enough to clap-back but they’re not one to ever cease their nit-picking. They’ll keep making you unhappy even in your joyous times. Do not worry about what such people do or think or even say about you. It’s their insecurities or personal peculiarities that are showing them up. Actually just pity them from a very long distance.

5. Disrespects and uses your feelings. Being around people who don’t treat you with respect but rather intimidate and belittle you can be very toxic to your personal development. Run from them like the hounds of hell are chasing you.


6. Those who mess with your head. People who flatter you at will and bring you down at will. You don’t know where you stand with this kind of friends or family. Sometimes acting as friends then acting like you’re public enemy number one, the next. They also gossip about other friends who they say are out to get you. But in retrospect who is really out to get who?

7. Those who expect you to prioritize them but refuse to make you or your happiness your priority. These people act as friends on comfortable terms. When you need their help they tend to depart and stay away. They can’t be leaned on rather you have to recognize their pretentious traits and establish clear boundaries. These are also called fair weather friends and are better known from afar.

tenor (1)

8. People who act the victim when confronted with their own bad behavior. I call them the forever victim. You may have felt sorry for them, that’s why you are friends or they latched onto you. They see the supposed injustice and whine for eternity. Instead of crying and moaning take steps to rectify the situation by staying away from them.

9. The kind who give you reasons not to trust their words. These are people who go to bed and rest well after feeding you lies after lies. I know we all have lied at some point in our lives, but there are people who just can’t seem to help but lie on every occasion. You’ll need to be very careful and discerning to recognize them for the liars they are. They lie on trivialities not knowing the lies could pile up and turn into something serious.

10. Those who want to play god over you separate yourself from this people. They think that without them your survival on this earth is non-existent.

tenor (2)

There you have it, people. As always, please leave me meaningful comments/suggestions and let’s engage. Thanks for reading.

81 thoughts on “Ten Kinds of People to Stay Away From

  1. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    I agree that you should stay away from those kind of people but sometimes it is hard to realize they are not good to you and also stand up to them!

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  2. Daria Gora says:

    Great article. Every year, I do sort of a “cleansing” from all the people, that represent the qualities that you are describing. Life is too short and we should surround overselfes only with those who are good for us and contribute to our wellbeing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • iamunbothered says:

      Absolutely right at life is too short to accommodate people who don’t mean us well. Thanks for commenting and by the way I’ll also commence the yearly cleansing- makes a whole lot of sense.


  3. Wiola & Mike says:

    Oh, so many types of people we actually should avoid. The worst is when sometimes is messing with your head and makes you the guilty one, often! Or someone who says things that just hurt… We never want to have these people around…

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  4. Tiffany says:

    You are utterly and completely correct. I’ve been trying to handle these people in a certain way that allows me to show that I am a good person, but far enough away not to allow them to hurt me. So far, it is mostly working. Thank you for sharing such an honest post!

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  5. jossy says:

    I couldn’t relate more to this. i hate people who wouldn’t take responsibility for their actions and expect you to apologise when they are wrong in the long stand. this year i am just cancelling those people out of my life. Thanks for sharing this

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  6. Ithfifi Williams / IthinityBeauty says:

    So true… I experienced many types of these people, last year I ended an awful relationship because of so many of the reasons you listed here and immediately I felt better in myself. I didn’t need drama, I didn’t need to feel unloved (I feel more loved being alone!) I’ve also had some of this with ‘friends’. Life is better when you don’t have people trying to bring you down and life is too beautiful to spend it wading through drama!

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  7. lifeaslyndsay says:

    This is great. Toxic people are hard to recognoze, and hard to rid from your life. I think it is also important to know that we dont necessarily need to avoid these people, but set clear boundaries instead in some cases (family for instance). Know when you are uncomfortable make it known why you are u comfortable, or remove yourself.

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  8. Cindy says:

    What a great statement, “…overlook faults though be careful not to emulate their faults.” People will definitely show you their true colors and it can be a challenge to have good boundaries with some, but we must.

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  9. flora_the_sweaterist says:

    Hear, hear! I definitely agree with you. I’ve been in a “friendship” where with time, the other person started to treat me without respect, finally trying to bully me into doing something that was important for her but would have been really unpleasant for me. When I told her I couldn’t do it, she was all like “I thought we were friends, but you are evidently lying, and you don’t put enough effort into our friendship.” Then and there, it came to an abrupt end.
    I wish it was just as easy to cut toxic family members.

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  10. Sara Russell says:

    Very concise and spot-on post! I wish someone had taught me this in middle school and high school! Life experience has taught me to avoid these types of people, regardless of any residual instincts or desires I may have to just be nice to everyone!

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  11. Rachel says:

    I really dislike people who constantly moan or talk about how bad their life is and never ask you how yours is – not an equal or two way convo / friendship. It is just draining! I also dislike people who cant apologise sincerely like yo mention – just irritating. Guess we cant all be perfect hahaha.

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  12. Thehyppomyselfthecat says:

    You are absolutely right. I have decided to clear up my environment and stop having any kind of relationship with people that don’t make me feel good. Starting with the ones playing with my mind (my father ) and the ones who never gives and always take.

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  13. mj says:

    Stay away from the negativity that other people brings you. Don’t stress yourself with those kind of people, thats right why stay with them if you can stay away and live peacefully and happily in your own way.

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  14. Jagriti Roy says:

    I come across many of them in my life who even don’t bother to say a mere sorry after hurting a person.. Somebody said it correct that it’s okay to know who are your frnd after years, but you always should be aware enough of the toxic people around you.. Otherwise, you will get ruined.. Great guidelines of yours..

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  15. Different Frame of Mind says:

    All of these people are definitely people I have learned to stay away from. The ones I try to stay away from the most are people who mess with my head. I don’t like to second guess myself. Thank you for sharing, it was a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Karen says:

    This was a great read and I can think of people I have met who have fitted each category. Some friends (old ones) some co workers and unfortunately some family members. You cannot always rid yourself of them, but you can minimise the impact they have on you.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Joyce says:

    It takes a lot of lessons and a lot of alone time to actually be able to know who is who in your circle. Taking a step to stay away from them is another big decision to take if you are too much into them. I love your list of these people to keep off.

    Liked by 1 person

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