7 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

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Nigeria is an African country bordered on the west by the Benin Republic, Chad and Cameroon in the East, Niger in the North and the coast in the South lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises of 36 states with the Federal Capital Territory-Abuja.

Nigeria-The country of my birth and today it celebrates its independence day where she turns 57 and to mark this day I will give you some interesting facts about this country which is known for the good (its highly educated populace in the Diaspora) and also the bad (remember those internet scammersโ€ฆoh well!).

-The most populous country in Africa and the eighth populous country in the world. It has approximately 156 million inhabitants which show that out of seven Africans, one is a Nigerian.

-More than 250 Ethnic groups: Three major tribes Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo with more than two hundred other ethnic groups trying to co-exist peacefully.

-The two major religion is Christianity and Islam. In the Western part, it is quite rampant to find a family made up of both Muslims and Christians.

-Nollywood film industry is ranked the second largest after Bollywood of India and before the America Hollywood. They are reputed to churn out about 200 movies every week.

Popular Nollywood actors, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ramsey Nouah, Rita Dominic,
Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Ekheinde

-The twelfth largest producer of crude oil and the eighth largest exporter. Petroleum plays an important role in the countryโ€™s economy and contributes to more than 85% of government revenue.

-NOK civilization which dates back to 500BC-200AD has been shown to have existed here according to archeological discoveries.

-Tourist attractions are spread out the length and breadth of the country. Examples are the Yankari Games Park, Zuma Rock which stands about 725 meters above its surrounding, Gurara waterfalls which rise about 30 meters, the longest bridge-Third Mainland Bridge, the largest river West Africa-Niger River.

In spite of the mismanagement of resources by the leaders since Independence, Nigerians are a resilient people who are determined to rise above everything thrown at them and to survive. Yes, there are the Internet scammers and the bad elements just like any given society which gives the country bad press; but they are still determined to rise! So I raise a toast to this great nation and know that there are better days ahead.

Notable Nigerian personalities Wole Soyinka-Nobel Laureate in Literature,
Folorunsho Alakija-reputed to be the richest woman in Africa and Chimamanda
Ngozi Adichie-author of Purple Hibiscusand winner of the Commonwealth
Writers Price for Best First Book.

Happy 57th!
Happy Celebration!!
Happy Independence, Nigeria!!!


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  1. Shamik says:

    Interesting post. Great to know the facts about Nigeria. Beautiful country with beautiful people. Am glad that I found your blog on FB and thank you for sharing this. Enjoyed reading it.

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