Why Judge People?

Why is it such an issue when people choose to express themselves differently than the status quo especially when it does not hurt anybody else? It really amazes me how women, especially, always have to take potshots at other women who do things differently than they do.

Like women calling other females simple, basic and ugly if they do not wear makeup and the others turning around to call them clowns and fakes if they do wear make-up. Makeup is a choice and no one should be made to feel bad about using it. There are women who already feel ugly because of maybe an accident or discoloration from medication and must use makeup to cover it up and not feel like a freak of nature. People see dramatic ass ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and swears that every woman wearing it is doing so to hide a hideous person…..how?  Some use it for expression, some simply just like the enhancements of makeup. Personally, if I feel like doing my face and time permits, then I do. If not I’m okay with just eyeliner and lip gloss. For most, makeup is a want not a need. And in my opinion, makeup is made to enhance a woman’s looks and so nobody should be made to feel ashamed of utilizing a product.


Single women taking shots at married women saying they have cheating spouses and married women return the salvo with they must not be doing something right to still be single or they are just simply ugly as sin and no man wants them. Since when has being single been a sin, huh? I know our generation has ruined being single and happy. We are told if you are not in a relationship, you are not wanted. So we need to receive love from someone other than ourselves to increase our self worth? Wrong! Cause at the end of the day our self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with what others think of us and everything to do with what we think of ourselves. Being single means you love yourself, your freedom and you have time to travel to do you and live life to the fullest and on your own particular terms. On the other hand being married doesn’t automatically translate to having a cheating spouse. A man that cheats is doing that and about that life whether single, married or divorce….

Women with kids saying women with no kids are selfish and do not want to share their lives with someone else and women with no kids say women with kids are not raising their children right then proclaiming themselves as team-no-kids, as if they deserve a medal for that.

But the point is women choose not to have kids because they know their capabilities does not include raising children and they are most satisfied having careers, traveling and being single. Then if you want kids and have them, well, good for you, it doesn’t make the single woman less of a woman. Some women really believe that if you don’t have children you won’t find your purpose in life. Or that in growing older you will have regrets while out here, there are scenarios of people crying themselves to sleep because their baby daddy wants nothing to do with their child and still this same people will throw mud on single women not wanting to be like them. Having children is not a death sentence neither is it a career-changer nor this logic of who’s going to take care of you in your twilight years or children being a blessing so why judge people of their lifestyles.

At the end of it all, who cares what people think, anywhere? Why not just be best at being you and stop being so worried about what the next person is doing, hmm? Life gets better when you stop caring so much about judgmental people.



Let’s share your experiences, ever been judged unfairly on the choices you’ve made? 





19 thoughts on “Why Judge People?

  1. Dieter says:

    Society is hard, I hear and see people too much judging. But I believe those people are bored and lonely themselves, I think they don’t have an own life, why would I waste my time judging people, or?

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  2. MomzillaNC says:

    I’ve always felt that people who must make facile, shallow judgements about someone else make those judgement out of their own insecurities. Have you noticed that the those judged most harshly, whether women or men, are those who wear their uniqueness with confidence that gives them an aura of power from some deep inner well? And, the judgmental assault is determined to destroy that confidence, crush that power… and assert their own façade of power.

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