Religious Bashing

I’m trying to understand this recent spate of Christian bashings disguised as intellectual discourse/write-ups on my Facebook timeline and other social media platforms from agnostics/atheists about the validity of being a Christian (must be something in the water or it’s a full moon out there). Christians have become easy and unfair target these days. People are so downright disrespectful about other people’s beliefs that all they do each minute is bash people for their beliefs. The usual and recurring questions of why believe in things you don’t see, heaven/hell is a figment of someone’s dramatic imagination or the bible is written by a man or it’s a story book written by the slave masters as a tool for subjugation or the famously quoted, though out of context lines by Karl Marx about religion being the opium of the masses.

So I got talking with a friend recently, a self acclaimed ‘woke’ guy and the convo veered into the subject of Christianity. The repressed behavior of some of them christians, the talking down on people and their preponderance of trying to force their religion down the throat of non-believers. We discussed the role of Christianity in slavery and the colonization of some countries and how modern day blacks wouldn’t be Christians if it weren’t for their colonial masters. We agreed, for the most part that Christianity was used to control the minds of those in who they colonized-human beings being human will always exploit situations to their benefits so to speak. This does not deny the efficacy of the bible or Christianity if people choose to use it as a means to further their needs. Christianity is a personal choice, God has given us that freedom to do as we will. Remember even the bible says we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling.christianity


Through the years there has been a spate of scandals and rumors involving men of God. Those being caught with women of easy virtue or sleeping with minors/underaged girls. The most glaring being the case of one who was performing lewd acts of threesome with prostitutes and was buying them cars and various trips/vacations. What about rumors of them embezzling church funds to them buying private jets for themselves and mistresses. All this is to say that christianity is not about perfection but imperfect people wanting/trying to live right in a world gone quite mad.

Here is the thing, I’m a Christian and I would like to say that I enjoy life. I love to travel the world, when I can, love a nice glass of wine and get down with trap (hip-hop) music or the beats. All of which I believe I can do and still fly the Christian flag. Being a believer doesn’t hold me back from enjoying life and it’s finer things but it’s more a guide on being a moral human being. It helps mold me into a better person who is trying to make this world a better place for when I leave than when I arrived.

At the end of the day when I leave this earth and if there is no heaven/hell…..oh well, no regrets, I still enjoyed my life and hopefully left a lasting legacy. When I leave this earth and there is a heaven, woot, woot, I won the jackpot! I didn’t lose anything by living my life right, so it’s a win-win.


Point of all this ramblings is I believe in God because I choose to quit bashing me for it because it won’t change my beliefs. I know God is real, you do not, fine, but don’t tell me to quit believing in my God. I know that living a Christian lifestyle shouldn’t hinder me from enjoying life. Why bother or castigate me for how I choose to live my life and my beliefs. You belief what you want, to each, his own, right?

So who cares why I believe just know that I do believe and I am blessed for it!





12 thoughts on “Religious Bashing

  1. mitme101 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on this! I don’t bash non-believers, so don’t bash me. You do you and I will do me! Too many people was to tell others how to live. Everyone should have the right to live their lives as they chose without condemnation from another human being.

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  2. joleisa says:

    I absolutely hold your views too! I am a christian too and I believe in tolerance. Ofcourse some of the things that people believe in and some of the ways they celebrate their beliefs are really strange to me! But hey, who am I to say mine is right and theirs isn’t?
    But I still think it is wishful thinking to think any of this will stop any time soon.

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  3. celticpixie22 says:

    I think this post is spot on. Even outside religion, people need to respect others choices and vice versa. I’m a firm believer in believe what you want just don’t force it on me. I respect everyone around me and hope they will do the same to me. There is no need to spread hate or bash on others for what they stand for, even if it counters your own beliefs. We can all exist harmoniously, even with the plethora of ideals that are out there. Thanks for the post!

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  4. Jessica says:

    I took my time to go through this post and I must admit that its a great one.I respect everyone’s religion and I believe everyone has freedom of worship and right to believe in anything.Everyday I try my best to live right and I have a lot of regards for people who live right irrespective of their religion.One thing people fail to realize is that hate,condemnation,being judgemental can’t and will never make someone believe in what you believe.

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