Happy Mother’s Day

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”- Abraham Lincoln

I remember the day so clearly. The perfect blend of sunny and cool, just right for a countryside with the crickets chirping and the early morning dew still fresh from the dawn, the occasional sniffles here and there.

My mother’s funeral

I look around trying to wake up from this unreality but my four siblings are still gathered with my dad around the coffin. The tears struggling to overflow, to run down my cheeks in hot scalding torrents but I couldn’t afford to let my family down. We’d been told, “do not cry, don’t let the enemy see you break a sweat so they don’t gloat that the single most important thing in your lives has been taken from you”. Oh, how vivid the picture is.

I asked myself why shouldn’t I cry if I wanted to, why shouldn’t I be allowed to thrash on the floor send off an ear-splitting wail if I so desired. Was this not the last honor I could give her, show she will forever be missed, mourn her passing but I couldn’t let myself do all those things.

mothers 2

The community had turned out in droves to celebrate, dance, drink, some had shed tears, fake or real, done whatever debauchery in the name of celebrating a great woman who had impacted and enriched lives both in her lack and in plenty.

A 6ft, Amazonian woman of prayer, had her hand in the church, women affairs and importantly the community. A hard worker who loved God and thereby taught her children to do same was cut down by whatever prognosis was given in her prime-44 years.

Nseobong M. B. Akpan, I mourn celebrate you today! It is not your birthday nor the anniversary of your passing but it’s Mother’s Day. I think of all the things we would have done together, the fact of seeing your fruits become and the grandchildren and the chasm in my heart is unbreachable.

mothers day

As I light a candle for you in remembrance, I say may you continue to find rest until the resurrection morning.

And for you still lucky to have your momma with you, give a word of appreciation, a hug, send a loving word, gift, whatever; gladden their heart. Let them know they’re loved and appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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