Aging Gratefully

The reality of growing old was brought to me recently when I had cause to look through pictures I took like a decade ago. I had to ask myself was that really me? Or could the aliens have kidnapped me and made a fatter clone of me and one day they will bring the real me back (I wish!)…..ugh! After this exercise in futility, I decided that I sure will continue to count my blessings as growing old is inevitable.
I know a lot of people will assume (you know how people tend to know you better than yourself), she’s not exercised enough, has not watched what she eats, blah, blah……truth is that no matter the amount of exercise and the calories one counts, aging is unstoppable. Those wrinkles will still appear on the skin, crows will find their feet by your eyes and the grey hairs will grow.
Aging is not only in the physical but also in your perception of things and the older I get I have realized not sweating the small stuff and learn it’s all really in the Lord’s hands anyway. So I care less about what the world thinks, it is none of my business (you got something to say, say it to my face)!
I have gained a broader perspective, understanding what I couldn’t before, though I struggle with understanding my purpose on earth and if I’m on the right path to achieve the purpose God has intended for me. I want to know the truth, but often find the truth is not easy to be found so I have to get smarter, deal with less drama and  be happy and comfortable in the skin I am in.
The older I get, the more grateful I find myself, for things like flowers in the lawn, birds singing in the trees and opening my eyes to see another day, for the awesomeness of creation and the mountains and the trees and the sky and for simply breathing. For the loved ones who surround me and make me realize I am not alone on this path. I am no longer concerned with having what I want or even need,  it’s just about being loving to those I come across and grateful for the life I have had and looking forward to spending an eternity with my Heavenly Father.
I would like to claim that I am wiser now than I was at 20 but NAH! My energy is blah; my beauty (what little there was of) is fading. I am gaining more weight with a double chin and the rear is getting broader. Pointless to chronicle the aches and creaks where there used to be none. But I still smile with a purpose, knowing God is on my side no matter what.

I also realize that I’m  not even close to where I thought I would be. But hope springs eternal in me that all I need is time and I will get there. And that, my friends  is a very good thing.
I appreciate that it’s only by the grace, mercy and loving-kindness of God that I’ve made it this far ~ and enjoyed so much. So I keep thanking my Creator for every precious minutes, hours and days I have been privileged to see even.


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